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"A Nurse I Am" is available online free of charge for nursing-education programs. Click here to be directed to the video.

Nursing can be an incredibly fulfilling career. It also can be grueling - physically, mentally and intellectually. Add the demands of employers, patients and CFOs, and it's easy to see why a disturbing number of nurses leave the profession within a few years of joining it. Instructors work long hours to teach, mentor, and help nursing students excel. The nurses who are featured in

"A Nurse I Am" are seasoned professionals who are eager to share helpful advice and words of wisdom with your students.

If their words help encourage nursing school students and provide these students with effective ways to cope with stress and difficulty in their work lives, this film will have been successful.

You may see qualities of some of these nationally award-winning nurses in your own students. By viewing "A Nurse I Am," your students will have the opportunity to discuss these qualities and issues that are important to nurses and to the profession. Use the Nurse I Am Discussion Guide to help students get the most they can from this film. And please encourage students to visit this website to learn how they can win a scholarship. If you have questions, comments or thoughts, please contact us.

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